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Traffic Soldiers has been online since 2004, serving over 31,200,000 page views to our members!


All Members have access to all the features at Traffic Soldiers. You don't have to be a paying member to use all of our Tools and Services. Paid members do receive better ratios and several bonuses for being upgraded.


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From: Catherine Heiter

The absolute toughest challenge for anyone with an Internet business is getting or increasing Traffic to your website. If you don't have traffic and visitors you don't make sales, increase your opt-in list or brand your business. Traffic is the key to taking your business to the next level.

What if I told you we have a solution to increasing your traffic and it's 100% Free? Yes, you can join Traffic Soldiers today and start increasing traffic to your website today, ABSOLUTELY FREE.

What's the catch? There is none. Traffic Soldiers is an advertising community that if used correctly will help you Brand Your Business, Build Your Email List and most importantly Increase Traffic to your Website.

Traffic Soldiers offers Free and/or Paid advertising to our members with the goal being to provide a top notch, quality place for you to advertise your website, business and/or web opportunity.

We have many unique features for members that make advertising your website both fun and challenging. You start out at the lowest rank and earn letters while viewing websites to complete your Rank and get promoted. When you get promoted you earn Advertising Credits, Banner Impressions & Text Impressions. You will also learn a little about Famous people in the military. Visit our Ranks and Biographies page to see how this works in detail.

We have every feature you need to properly advertise your website, build your team, brand your business, and build your email list. The best part, all those features are included in the Free Membership. Here's a list of our features.

  • Real People Viewing Your Websites
  • Dedicated Owner - Catherine Heiter
  • Personal Splash Page Builder
  • Email Your Downline - Private Messaging System
  • Purchase Credits Instantly - No waiting for Admin to enter them
  • Exclusive Bonus Page for earning extra Advertising Credits
  • Downline Builder for all Members
  • 15 / 8 / 6 Second Page Timers
  • 3:2 / 2:1 / 1:1 Viewing Rates
  • 5 / 30 / Unlimited sites allowed
  • 5 / 30 / Unlimited banners allowed
  • 5 / 30 / Unlimited text links allowed
  • Higher Credit to Banner / Text Ratios

Take Action! Join Traffic Soldiers now and you will increase your website traffic today. New members can instantly start using their Free Advertising and all the features of our Manual Traffic Exchange.

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